• Gameshowguy2000

    "Santa is not real."

    Yes, you heard right. And you wonder why you don't hear me do it. you really want me ruining anyone's holiday season around here?! I certainly don't.

    If you need the proof he exists, here it is:


    So if anyone asks for proof, the proof came from me.

    Now, chime in below! Gameshowguy2000 (talk) 18:40, December 20, 2017 (UTC)

    [Update: Commenting is NOW active. I will check all my prior posts, and enable seems that the change in layout has solved that bug.]

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  • Gameshowguy2000

    If you might not know already, users like myself, Daniel, Brandon, and William are autistic.

    I want to bring attention to something that's been crossing my mind--this so-called "cure" for it.

    There is no cure. NO CURE AT ALL!

    I've been reading a lot about how the organization "Autism Speaks" is literally bashing anyone who's autistic. And if you think that's bad, I read a comment on a YouTube video that suggests autistic people "need to be put in a zoo."

    Well, excuse me! Just because Daniel, Brandon, William, and I are autistic doesn't mean we deserve to be put in a zoo. Just because we're autistic, doesn't mean we don't know right from wrong. With William running GS Wiki and Daniel running this Wiki, and even Brandon now running the Coca-Cola Wiki,…

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  • Gameshowguy2000

    Everyone remembers a decade ago when Deal or No Deal came to the US, which, like Millionaire became an international hit.

    Now, everyone also knows that it takes luck, guts, and skill to win big money...and the object is simple: pick a case and hope it contains the big prize.

    But that's too easy--so in a series of rounds, you eliminate cases hoping your big prize case still remains in play. Every so often, a mysterious Banker calls the host via telephone and offers you a guaranteed cash prize to sell your case and stop your game and stop you from going home with as much money as possible. Enter the title question, "DEAL OR NO DEAL?"

    Eliminate big amounts, offers go down; eliminate small amounts, offers go up. But when it comes to the offers, this …

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  • Gameshowguy2000

    As many of you know, if you're a regular visitor of this Wiki, there's an article about slot machines based on Wheel. And...believe it or not, some of those can even be found on machines with names that have been casino mainstays for years--and I'm talking about names such as Red White & Blue and Double Diamond.

    But whether it's the regular mechanical slot machine, or the computerized type (also with the reels, but on a video screen that switches in case you make it to a bonus round), every machine has a Max Bet function. You hit that button, and per the function, you bet the max number of coins, and if you hit a special combo, you trigger a bonus round for more money. But that's the only way you can trigger the bonus round...and it'll also inc…

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  • Gameshowguy2000

    I felt the need to get another something off my chest, and it has to do with something that just about every game show has: Flashing lights.

    Everyone knows that flashing lights are bound to cause epileptic symptoms such as seizures. But, as I'm sure many of us game show fans are aware, it's about how bright the lights are, as well as the speed of their flashing.

    Take Wheel. When the show first debuted, the Wheel's base lights and the puzzleboard's lights flashed quickly, but not really really quickly...just in a chase pattern. And if you notice, those lights weren't that bright. By the time the syndicated version's 8th season premiere (and thus carrying over to Goen as a result), on both counts, the lights were a tad brighter, but not too bri…

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