We all saw last week's episode of Dr. Phil as well as the season premiere of Kitchen Nightmares, featuring everyone's most despised restaurant owners--Amy and Samy Bouglazo of Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona.

On Dr. Phil, we see that the restaurant catered to his staff and Dr. Phil himself said they actually liked the food (whether that is true or not remains to be seen; given the backlash the couple suffered from Facebookers like myself; yes, I will NOT eat at any restaurant that DOES NOT SERVE FRESH FOOD OR STEALS FROM OTHERS!). Dr. Phil himself also invited a blogger who criticized a restaurant, as well as a PR expert who knows how to deal with this kind of negative publicity and feedback. Even Dr. Phil said the couple had to learn to take criticism, because if they did not do so, their business would continue to sink.

On Kitchen Nightmares, most of it was Chef Ramsay on the Hell's Kitchen set, giving the backdrop of last season's finale, with the addition of some bonus material that we didn't see the first time. Then, he even sent a correspondent to interview them. What we learned is that they bumped up the pay, and even re-hired some of the employees that had previously left; however, Samy continues to take the server's tips! (For those not aware, servers are allowed to pocket tips and keep them) Amy went on to describe her place as "Disneyland for the crazies", and to an extent, she's right, because both of them are crazy lunatics!

(sigh) It seems these two will never learn. I personally think they should just, as Chef Ramsay would say in a disasterous Hell's Kitchen dinner service, "SHUT IT DOWN!"

JP, open the floor to discussion, please.