This post is in reponse to Otter Mii-kun's post about a so-called "Million Dollar Loss" when the contestant solved CORNER CURIO CABINET as CORNO CURIO CABINET..and as explained there, the guy lost out on the CHANCE at the million, not the million itself.

Here is yet another example of a misleading title, "lady loses 1 million dollars", to be exact. As you just saw in the video, she landed on the MDW and called a wrong letter. So she didn't lose out on the million, she lost out on the CHANCE at the million, let alone the right to pick it up.

As you can imagine, there have been comment wars on these videos about who's wrong and who isn't. I will assure you now--it is a complicated process, and it is explained in the Gameplay elements.

Once again...this didn't take rocket science to explain that she lost out on it.