OK, many of us who have had Game Show Network remember a domestic violence PSA where a man repeatedly hits his wife just because she prepared pizza for dinner...I mean, seriously; hitting a woman over preparing PIZZA for dinner?! THAT IS JUST WRONG! And even worse, the kid sitting on the stairs had to listen to all of this.

You can view the video here and here. (Note: Due to the graphic nature of this PSA, viewer discretion is advised)

Earlier this year in my neck of the woods, there was an anti-domestic violence rally; and the message was perfectly clear: You want to be called a man? Then you need to stop your abusive ways, AND YOU NEED TO STOP THEM NOW!

The message that the rally sent out was clear--you can call a guy many things, but when he commits domestic violence like in the videos, you CANNOT call him a man. A real man never EVER uses his hands to hit a woman..if he wants to lay his hands on her, it will be for hugging and kissing, not hitting or kicking.

To the ladies...if you are in a relationship like this--GET OUT NOW! SEEK HELP! There are plenty of abuse shelters out there.

To the guys...if you want to change your ways, you have to promise that you will change them not only for the better and not only for your spouses/partners, but for yourselves...for if you don't, YOU will be the ones in for a world of hurt.

And to our elected need to do more to protect domestic violence victims. You CANNOT single them out for their gender, sexuality, immigrant status or anything of that nature.

And to everybody...we need to stand up and tell the guys that continue to do these despicable acts: We will not TOLERATE them anymore, we will not ACCEPT them anymore, we will not CONDONE them anymore, we won't LOOK THE OTHER WAY anymore, we will not DEFEND them anymore, we will not ALLOW YOUR EXCUSES anymore, and we will not STAND BY anymore. If need be, we will ACT and get you to change or you can pay the price for your actions.

Because the message is clear, and every man and woman will agree with me on this: REAL MEN DO NOT HIT WOMEN. EVER.

I will now step off the soapbox and allow comments from you on this not-divisive topic. Gameshowguy2000 (talk) 19:41, November 15, 2013 (UTC)

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