I felt the need to get another something off my chest, and it has to do with something that just about every game show has: Flashing lights.

Everyone knows that flashing lights are bound to cause epileptic symptoms such as seizures. But, as I'm sure many of us game show fans are aware, it's about how bright the lights are, as well as the speed of their flashing.

Take Wheel. When the show first debuted, the Wheel's base lights and the puzzleboard's lights flashed quickly, but not really really quickly...just in a chase pattern. And if you notice, those lights weren't that bright. By the time the syndicated version's 8th season premiere (and thus carrying over to Goen as a result), on both counts, the lights were a tad brighter, but not too bright. When the Wheel's base changed at the start of Season 15 in 1997, viewers would notice something when the spinning Wheel was seen from a front angle: two of the lights merely flashed in the chase pattern on the top layer of the base (you'd have to watch an episode from 1997-2003 to get my drift, but you'll understand when you see it); starting in Season 18 (and continuing until the base's final season in Season 20), the base lights were seen flashing in a similar chase pattern from the previous base (when the Wheel was spun, that is). With the neon change starting in Season 21, you'd think the lights would be bright enough and flash fast enough to cause seizures. As I've experienced, it hasn't happened to least not yet.

So, whether game show sets' flashing lights and their speeds are enough to cause seizures differs from person to person. If you want to throw in your two cents on these, do so below. Gameshowguy2000 (talk) 01:24, April 10, 2017 (UTC)

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