As of this post, we are now one week out from Christmas Eve, which of course, means Santa's annual trip around the world. He has worked hard with the elves to ensure that the gifts we ask him for (via e-mail or snail mail; we're too old to sit on his lap, but never to write; and yes, even the North Pole has computers for his lists and all the letters he gets), and we've worked hard to get on his Nice list.

But, oh, the debate on if there is indeed a real Santa. Everyone's gonna be looking at me like, "Oh John, those mall Santas aren't real." Duh, of course not. About this time 30 years ago, the syndicated Card Sharks with Bill Rafferty invited 10 mall/department store Santas to be a part of the audience survey during Christmas Week 1986. Per Bill himself, "We couldn't get the real Santa, but you can bet he is really busy at this time of year, so we brought in 10 of his helpers."

So, when you go out to the malls/department stores for these final days and your kids sit on his lap, remember--while there are multiple Santas, ONLY ONE IS REAL. And you don't even have to take Virginia O'Hanlon's word for it!

Other than that, I am out. Share your two cents below (with me, that is; whatever change you have left, dump it in that Salvation Army bucket if you so choose)! Gameshowguy2000 (talk) 19:06, December 17, 2016 (UTC)

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