Recently, there has been a viral video about a contestant Wheel who supposedly lost $1,000,000, as implied by the video's title. The video footage consists of the end of Round 1 on September 17, 2013, where contestant Paul Atkinson picked up the Million-Dollar Wedge, then missolved CORNER CURIO CABINET by mispronouncing 'CORNER' as 'CORNO', and 'CURIO' as 'CURRO', thus disqualifying him from not only his turn, but another contestant ended up solving the puzzle and pronouncing the answer correctly, thus, removing the MDW that Paul had from play for the rest of the show. This incident is explained in further detail over at Misconceptions and Myths.

Personally, I hate it when people post videos with exaggerated claims, only for them to go viral, such as this one, as well as the earlier viral Wheel video about the show's "Most Awkward moment ever", the latter which is obviously fake, as the contestant is not only fake, but Pat and the staff (almost) never take several seconds to rule a bad letter call as a dud or repeat, with complete silence in the meantime.

To put it more realistically-the incident on September 17 could not have been a Million Dollar loss in the 'proper' sense of the term because the Million-Dollar Wedge did not even make it to the Bonus Round in the first place-any time the MDW is lost during the main game, then there is no chance for the game-winning contestant to play for $1,000,000. Furthermore, the actual Bonus Round that day ended with a car win, further debunking the video title's myth as presented.

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