• UltimaGanon

    Today I am unveiling the $ale of the Century Video Archive. It is my hope to document and include links to all episodes of $ale of the Century (and Temptation) of both domestic and international versions of the show. The video archive in it's base form so far covers all Daytime and Syndicated episodes of the U.S. version that I've been able to find online. Eventually it will expand to include versions across the globe! I hope you will help as we create an archive of Sale of the Century and Temptation episodes for everyone's viewing pleasure!

    $ale of the Century Video Archive

    There it is! Enjoy!

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  • UltimaGanon

    Are you Ready?

    April 14, 2014 by UltimaGanon

    I've got some incredible and exciting news today. I am revealing a project that I've been thinking over in my head for quite some time, but now I have turned those thoughts into actions and created something I think that classic game show fans are really going to like.

    First, I want to thank Daniel Benfield, as he is my inspiration for this project that I am going to reveal TONIGHT. It's not Wheel of Fortune related, but it is related to a show that is very close to Wheel of Fortune (nope, not Jeopardy). I have put some work putting together all of the details and descriptions and my project is finally ready to go live. I hope you enjoy it, I know I've enjoyed working on it. Come back later today when I reveal exactly what I've created with…

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  • UltimaGanon

    I wanted to create an article like this for a while, but this is my inauguaral blog post, and I thought I'd make it on a topic that is often talked about in the WoF community.

    For those of you that are reading this and are unfamiliar with the earlier days of the show, many years ago Wheel of Fortune used to have returning Champions. The Daytime version of the show had them for its entire run, and the Nighttime version had them from September 1989 to June 1996. Champions could return up to 3 days. The addition of returning champions was probably one of the best additions to the nighttime version of the show, and should still be around today.

    Returning champions allowed people watching at home to learn more about the players, and  their person…

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