Pictures of the various electronic adaptations of Wheel of Fortune.

Commodore 64Edit

Apple IIEdit

PC/Macintosh (1987, 1991, 1994)Edit

1987 edition

1991 edition

1994 Deluxe edition

NES (1987-88, 1990, 1991)Edit

Original (1987)

Junior (1988)

Family (1990)

Starring Vanna White (1991)

Arcade (1989)Edit

Game Boy (1990)Edit

SNES (1992, 1994)Edit

Original (1992)

Deluxe Edition (1994)

Genesis (1992)Edit

Game Gear (1992)Edit

Sega CD (1994)Edit

Nintendo 64 (1997)Edit

When the game was released, we got these photos that would also be seen on the box. You can also view them here.

Prior to the game's introduction, we got these prototype photos which you can also view here.

Tiger ( (1997)Edit

PC (1998)Edit

PlayStation (1998, 2000)Edit

1st Edition (1998)

2nd Edition (2000)

PC (2003)Edit

Wii (2010)Edit

Nintendo DS (2010)Edit

Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/Wii U (2012)Edit

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