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A timeline for Season 35 of Wheel of Fortune, which will air in first-run from September 11, 2017 through June 8, 2018.

Note: During the season (September-June), this page is generally updated Monday-Friday around 8:00 PM Eastern, so spoilers may be present for the most recently-aired episode. It is also updated at times from mid-July to mid-September as details of the new season are revealed.

Second Note: Any below information regarding episodes that have not yet aired is preliminary and subject to change, with months added as info is released about them. Further, please do not guess and do not add anything to this section past the most recently-aired episode unless it is confirmed.

Known TapingsEdit

  • Six weeks of shows will be taped at Culver City on July 27-28, August 10-11, and August 24-25.
  • The July 27 tapings will be Teacher's Week.
  • The July 28 tapings will be Weekend Escapes.

Season ChangesEdit

  • A new category called "What Are You Wearing?" is introduced.
  • The "decade" categories, last used in a single episode of Season 32, return to a standard rotation.
  • $5K Every Day is retired. Instead, if the $10,000 Mystery Wedge is claimed and won, a Wheel Watchers Club member also wins $10,000.
  • The Bonus Round is changed to have the night's winner to pick a category from three choices before going to commercial at the end of the main game, similar to Wheel 2000 and "The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime".

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