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A timeline for Season 36 of Wheel of Fortune, which will air in first-run from September 10, 2018 through June 7, 2019.

Season ChangesEdit

  • The studio intro from Season 34 is used.
  • When a contestant calls a letter, the letter appears in a light grey circle on the bottom left corner of the screen. A red slash appears through it if the letter is not in the puzzle.
  • This is the first season since Season 34 not to have a Halloween week.

September 2018Edit

  • September 10 is Teacher’s Week, taped July 26. During this week, the opening graphic has pictures of Pat and Vanna in grade school added to two of the buildings.
  • On September 11, Classic TV is used for the first time since Janaury 9, 2013.
  • On September 13:
    • The Prize is a $10,200 trip to Spain.
    • For the first known time, Headline is used in Round 4.
  • On September 14, six rounds are played.
  • September 17 is Gone Fishin', taped August 9. During this week, the Season 28 Outdoor Adventure Week intro is used, which features the Pat and Vanna Wii avatars fishing.
  • On September 17, Dr. Oz makes a cameo in the closing segment. Footage is shown of him, Pat, and Vanna demonstrating CPR techniques.